Evangelical Lutheran Church of England

56th Annual Synod and Budget Conference

Behold I am doing a new thing (Isaiah 43:19a)

How do I get there?
What is the schedule?
What is being proposed?


1 July 2010—Resolution Proposals Due

15 August—Reports from the commissions, committees, and boards of the synod are due

What is the theme of the 2010 Synod?

While life can have its predictability – something we actually rely on – God continually does new things for his people. We can think in terms of his providential care (the sun still rises) and most importantly the rescue achieved through his Son which was something so radical, so new, that the world didn't see it coming and so many today find it hard to believe – that God would justify the ungodly by making his sinless Son to be sin for us. Synodical conventions can have their predictability too. Yet God continues to do new things for his Church as he comes to serve them so that they may serve the world. Among the familiar there will be new faces, new resolutions, new Chairman, and a renewed enthusiasm for the new things God is doing!

General Information Concerning the Synod

The dates:
Friday 15th October and Saturday 16th October 2010
The venue:
Resurrection Lutheran Church
25 Westfield Lane
The host congregation:
Resurrection Lutheran Church


Please noteAll people—delegates and visitors—attending the 2010 ELCE synod and budget conference are asked to complete a registration form.


  • Each congregation of the ELCE is entitled to two votes at the budget conference (one lay delegate and a pastoral delegate).
  • Each congregation of the ELCE is entitled to two votes at the synod (one lay delegate and a pastoral delegate).
  • Congregations are also able to nominate an alternate lay delegate to either meeting.
  • Congregations without a pastor are entitled to send a lay delegate in place of the pastoral delegate.
  • Please note that the budget conference is scheduled to be conducted in the afternoon session on Friday.
  • Please complete the delegate data sheet and return as soon as possible.


  • Visitors are most welcome at synod. Visitors are asked to complete a registration form and return it to the Synod Committee.

Synodical Business

All congregations are reminded that a congregational report is presented at synod. Please have a written copy of the report available at synod to be given to the secretary. (Either immediately prior to or immediately after synod please also send an electronic copy of the congregational report to the ELCE secretary Doreen Rosser.

All congregations and ELCE Committees are reminded that resolutions to the 2010 synod and budget conference are required by 1st July. Please send them in electronic format to Forbes Morris.

Reports from the commissions, committees, and boards of the synod will be printed in the book of reports and need to be sent in electronic form to either Forbes Morris or Pastor George Samiec by 15th August.

Reports are required from:

  • Executive Council
  • Board for Overseas Missions
  • Board for Congregational Life
  • Salary Review Committee
  • Commission on Theology and Social Concerns
  • Lutheran Women's League of Great Britain
  • Westfield House
  • Board for Youth
  • Committee on Worship
  • Nominations Committee


Details of the costs for catering will be sent out at a later date.